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All-in-One Simple & Secure REST API

World’s Most Powerful KYC:

Identity Verification – AML Screening – Document Authentication – Facial Recognition – Country-specific Workflows – Liveness Testing

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Enhance Your Platform:

Simple to Integrate (API) – Global KYC Solution – Enhanced Screening – Risk Management – Cost-effective – Trusted Solution

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Built For:

Crypto Exchanges – BD/ATS – MSB/MTL – FinTech Platforms – Transfer Agents – Custodians – GovTech

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Country by Country Screening

iComplyKYC brings the powerful KYC/AML features from our flagship Prefacto™ Platform for use in digitally onboarding customers.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Fintech Platforms, and Financial Institutions can now access world-leading KYC, AML, and BSA compliance, along with blockchain forensics in a simple, secure, and straightforward REST API.


iComplyAPI allows Exchanges, Broker-dealers, Money Service Businesses, and FinTech Platforms to screen for KYC/AML/ATF/PEP/sanctions and watchlists, blockchain forensics for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum Classic, Accredited Investor certification, Corporate Entity and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership, and Enhanced Due Diligence through a single API.  Limit vulnerabilities, manage compliance costs and mitigate your risk through a secure REST API with industry leading response times. This provides verification, risk screening and intelligence through an API directly available for use in any regulated business or market.

The REST API allows custom integration directly with your platform user base and can be set up in minutes.

Features & Benefits


iComplyKYC API

An Enterprise, financial grade, REST API to automate multi-jurisdictional screening for know your customer, anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing, sanctions screening and more…

KYC: Know Your Customer

Full KYC to ensure all users accessing the financial markets are screened to ensure they comply with global and regional regulations and Accredited Investor verification standards.

Corporate Account Verification

Make sure the company you are doing business with is properly incorporated, include ultimate beneficial ownership and directors and officers. Manage risk for a legal entity across all of their wallets.

Know Your Transaction

Crypto-assets present unique risks due to their global nature and lack of centralized authorities. Monitor both wallets and individual transactions for potential stolen or hacked funds, known DDOS attackers, and other bad actors in real time.

Document Authentication

Verify the authenticity and security features of Identity Documents uploaded across 160+ countries & regions. Access world leading Compliance Officers for manual reviews and consultations.

Liveness Testing

Enables quantifiable record documentation and authentication sources to verify human charateristic validation.

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