Identity Verification

Ensure you are who you say you are.  This includes verifying your identity documents against global databases as well as verifying those documents against your image.

AML Screening

Scanning global watchlists, sanctions, PEP’s, OFAC, FATF by country and 100+ other databases.

Document Authentication

Verification of passport, ID card, and driver’s licenses against global reference databases for over 150 jurisdictions.

Facial Recognition

Matching individuals faces to those captured from global document authentication.

Country-Specific Workflows

Meet industry and jurisdiction-specific requirements such as FINTRAC and FINRA with specific workflows in an easy to use solution.

Liveness Testing

Going beyond a “Selfie” check with AI and streaming photo analysis to ensure clients are able to demonstrate both facial recognition matching and a live human presence simultaneously.


Teleportation & Velocity

Detect and mitigate robot activity, VPN routing, DDoS attacks, spoofing and other suspicious activity.

Know Your Transaction

KYT enables mass cost reduction by  leveraging blockchain forensics, data clustering, and accredited oracles to provide zero-knowledge proof attestations for accredited investors, ultimate beneficial ownership, and on-chain AML.


Premium Risk Intelligence

Broadcast and receive warnings of attackers by blockchain address, email address, and IP address across a global user base of verified entities.


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